Current position

Full Professor at Lyon 2 University in Language education
Member of ICAR research team (CNRS)
Director of the Masters programme: Teaching French as a foreign language

Research domain: Technology mediated language learning
1 : Study of online interactions
2 : Study of teachers and learners' digital literacies
3 : Study of the potential of CALL for language learning and teaching
4 : Sociocritical reflection about the use of digital tools in education

Publications in English
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International conferences (last 5 years)
- Exploring tempo in online interactions.   EUROCALL’s annual conference in Southampton (GB). With Ciara Wigham.
- The digital transition of international students. Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics annual Conference in Toronto (Canada). With  Jean-François Grassin & Salifou Koné.
-  L'enseignement des langues à l'ère du numérique. Invited plenary conference at Bar Ilan University of Tel Aviv (Israel).
-  It's about time! The management of closings in pedagogical videoconferencing tuturials. EUROCALL’s annual conference in Limassol (Cyprus). With Eugénie Duthoit.
- What you see is that I care - Reflections on online teacher presence. Directions In Telecollaborative Research and Practice conference at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland).
- Les enjeux technopédagogiques de l'enseignement de l'oral en ligne, Invited conference at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain).
​- Les outils numériques au service de l'enseignement-apprentissage du français. Invited plenary conference at Assises universitaires du français. Moscow (Russia).
- The use of teaching gestures in an online multimodal environment. GESPIN conference (Nantes). with Benjamin Holt and Marion Tellier. 
- Sharing a corpus to conduct multimodal analyses: theoretical and ethical issues. EUROCALL conference in Padua (Italy). With Benjamin Holt. 
- L’utilisation d’outils numériques par les étudiants internationaux en contexte homoglotte. Colloque international du CRIFPE de Montréal (Canada), with Salifou Koné.
- Creating and sharing a language learning and teaching corpus of multimodal interactions: ethical challenges and methodological implications. Presentation at the CALL conference in Antwerp (Belgium) with Françoise Blin, Sylvie Thouësny et Ciara Wigham.
- Researching nonverbal dimensions in synchronous videoconferenced-based interactions. Presentation at the CALICO conference with Cathy Cohen. University of Athens, OH, USA. 
- In and out of the frame of a desktop videoconferencing interaction. Presentation at the CALICO conference with Ciara Wigham. University of Athens, OH, USA.
- The preparation of multimodal feedback reports. Presentation at the EUROCALL's annual conference in Evora (Portugal).
- Développer les compétences de rétroaction chez les futurs enseignants de FLE en ligne. Conférence at the CRIFPE conference (Montreal).

Participation in funded research projects

- 2017-2019: Project leader of the TRANSNUMED project (study of international students’ use of digital tools during their stay abroad)
- 2015-2017: Project leader of the ISMAEL project (study of videoconference-based interactions)
- 2008-2011 : Scientific director for Lyon 2 of the ANR-funded project ITHACA (Interactive Trace for Human Awareness in Collaborative Annotation). in association with Yannick Prié (Lyon 1) and Mireille Bétrancourt (Tecfa - Geneva)
- ​2007 : Rethinking Language Teaching in the Digital Age : French and American Perspectives on Technology and Pedagogy research programme supported by the France-Berkeley Fund in association with Rick Kern (UC Berkeley) and C. Develotte (INRP)

- elected member of the Eurocall executive committee (from 2009 to 2012)
- external reviewer for several scientific journals: ReCALL, CALL, CALICO, System,  Canadian Modern Language Review